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Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Sperm Injection (IMSI)

Exploring IVF with IMSI

A Tailored Approach for Your Family's Dream

If your journey to parenthood has been challenging, involving experiences like miscarriages or unsuccessful implantations, IVF with IMSI might be the innovative solution you’re looking for. This advanced fertility technique is designed to enhance your chances of success by selecting the most promising sperm for fertilization.

Understanding IMSI in IVF Treatment

IMSI is a refined version of IVF where we use high-powered magnification to pick out the best-shaped and sized sperm to fertilize the egg. While evidence is still evolving, initial studies suggest this careful selection could improve pregnancy rates and reduce the chance of miscarriage. This method is particularly helpful for cases where sperm quality might be less than ideal, enabling embryologists to choose the optimal sperm for egg fertilization. Like ICSI, IMSI is often paired with genetic screening to ensure the healthiest possible start.

At The Fertility Home, we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of treatments and investigations, aiming to maximize your chances of welcoming a new life.

Your Journey Unfolds



Your fertility journey with us starts with a thorough consultation. Here, in a detailed discussion, we explore your medical history and future aspirations. It’s the perfect time to inquire whether IVF with IMSI is the right path for you. 


Agreeing on Your Treatment Plan

Each IVF journey is unique, and including IMSI doesn’t extend the usual six-week IVF timeline. However, it’s an additional tool we use for those who might benefit the most from it, such as couples with prior implantation challenges. 


Considering IMSI for Your IVF Cycle

IMSI is an advanced option, selected carefully for individuals it’s most likely to help. It carries the universal IVF risks, plus a minor risk associated with the sperm injection process. We’re here to discuss all aspects thoroughly, ensuring you’re comfortable and informed. 


Cycles that require donor gametes with IMSI

Should your journey involve donor eggs or sperm, IMSI remains a viable technique. Our specialists are here to guide you in choosing appropriate donor gametes, supporting your every decision along the way. 


Navigating the Costs

We personalize your IVF with IMSI to offer you the highest successful chance, providing a detailed cost breakdown early in the process. Our finance team is here to ensure transparency and support through every financial aspect of your journey.

For an overview of potential costs, our Pricing page is a helpful resource. 

Embrace Your IVF Journey Today

Embarking on IVF with IMSI is a journey filled with hope and expert care. To explore this option further or start your personalized treatment plan, we invite you to book a consultation with our specialists at The Fertility Home.

Let’s navigate this journey together, towards the dream of expanding your family.