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Shared Motherhood

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Embark on a Journey Together

Shared Motherhood, also known as Reciprocal IVF, is a beautiful way for female same sex couples to start their family, allowing both partners to participate actively in the conception process. 

This unique path combines the joy of shared parenting with the science of IVF, making family dreams come true for more couples than ever.

Understanding Shared Motherhood IVF

Shared motherhood IVF is where one partner provides the egg, and the other carries the pregnancy, creating a special bond from the very start.

It’s a wonderful way to share the journey to parenthood, with both partners involved in bringing new life into the world.

The Steps of Shared Motherhood Journey



Start your shared motherhood journey with a comprehensive consultation. 

Discuss your health history and aspirations with our experts, who will guide you through the available treatments and answer any questions.


Tests & Discovering Your Sperm Donor

After initial tests to ensure readiness for treatment, including checks on ovarian reserve and fallopian tubes, we’ll help you choose the right sperm donor, whether known or anonymous. This step sets the stage for creating your embryo. 


Understanding the Journey with Counselling

Counselling is an essential part of the process, ensuring you’re fully aware of all considerations. Following your test results, we’ll outline a personalized treatment plan during your follow-up consultation.


Agreeing on Your Treatment Plan​

Your treatment officially starts with medication and monitoring to optimise results, leading to egg collection and fertilisation in our lab. Our team will keep you updated as your embryo develops, ready for the next stage.


The Heart of the Process: Embryo Transfer

Choosing the best embryo for transfer is a significant step, offering the highest chance of a successful pregnancy. We’ll support you in making this decision and throughout the embryo’s natural development in the womb. 


Pregnancy Test

After your embryo transfer, a pregnancy test will confirm the results.

No matter the outcome, our team is here to support your next steps with care and guidance.

Getting to Know More About Shared Motherhood

Understanding the Process

Typically, an IVF cycle takes around six weeks, tailored to your unique situation. IVF with Shared Motherhood is suitable for a wide range of fertility scenarios and includes the possibility of using donated gametes.

Preparation and Navigating the Costs

Preparing for IVF involves medication and lifestyle adjustments to enhance your success rates. While Shared Motherhood may involve additional costs due to the involvement of both partners, we provide a clear breakdown to help you plan ahead. 
For an overview of potential costs, our Pricing page is a helpful resource. 

How safe is shared motherhood

Shared Motherhood is a safe and joyous way to embark on parenthood. While there are some risks, as with any IVF treatment, we’re committed to guiding you safely through them. Learn more about treatment safety on the HFEA website.



Start Your Shared Motherhood Journey

An initial consultation is your first step towards shared motherhood. 

Meet with our caring specialists to explore your treatment options and map out your path to parenthood. Join us at one of our open evenings for more insights.

At The Fertility Home, your dream of starting a family together is nurtured with expert care and heartfelt support.