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Your IVF Journey at TFH

Creating New Beginnings Together

In the journey of IVF, when egg meets sperm, they unite to form an embryo. 

We carefully nurture this new beginning in our lab, allowing it to grow and reach just the right stage of development, typically within five days. At this point, we also have the unique opportunity to conduct advanced genetic testing to ensure the embryo’s health prior to implantation

Then, with everything just right, we can either gently reintroduce the embryo to continue its journey towards birth or preserve it for a future moment.

Embarking on IVF Treatment: Your Steps to Success



Your adventure towards parenthood begins with a detailed consultation. It’s time to begin your fertility journey with your consultant, who will discuss the various treatment paths and respond to your queries with kindness and transparency.


Blood Tests and Investigations

To ensure IVF aligns with your path, certain tests are essential. These include the Ovarian Reserve Test and a 3D HyCoSy, alongside a semen analysis to ensure the best conditions for conception. Our experts might recommend further investigations if needed, always aiming for the highest chance of success.  We also include internal scan to check endometrium is healthy.


Follow-Up Consultation

Once we gather all insights from your tests, a follow-up consultation will help tailor a bespoke treatment plan, marking the next steps on your journey.


Agreeing on Your Treatment Plan​

Before proceeding, we’ll discuss the treatment plan and its associated costs, ensuring clarity and confidence as you move forward.



We will carefully monitor a course of medication and regular ultrasound scans to ensure your body responds optimally, adjusting any treatments as needed for the best outcome.


Nurse Consultation​

A specialized nurse will then guide you through the fertility treatment process, offering detailed instructions on medication and support for any questions that arise.


Egg Collection

At the ideal moment, determined through diligent monitoring, your eggs are collected in a safe, comfortable environment, ready to be fertilised and embark on the journey of development.


Embryo Development​

Your developing embryos are observed with the utmost care, ensuring they reach the ideal stage for either transfer or preservation, with continuous updates provided by our embryology team.


Embryo Transfer​

Choosing the strongest embryo for transfer using our brand-new time-lapse incubator, we aim for the greatest chance of a successful pregnancy, with the transfer process designed to be as natural and gentle as possible.


Pregnancy Test​

A simple at-home pregnancy test will reveal the outcome of your treatment. Regardless of the result, our compassionate team of consultants, nurses, and counsellors will be ready to support your next steps.

Getting to Know More About IVF

Preparing for IVF

Preparation for IVF involves both medical and lifestyle considerations, all aimed at maximizing your success. From medication to healthful living advice, our team supports you in every way possible, ensuring you’re ready for the journey ahead. 

How long does IVF treatment last?

While an IVF cycle typically spans six weeks, each journey is unique and customized to your individual needs, focusing on achieving the best outcomes. 

Who can benefit from IVF?

IVF offers hope to a wide array of individuals and couples, including heterosexual couples, LGBTQ+ couples, and single individuals, making it one of the most inclusive and successful fertility treatments available. 

Understanding the Safety of IVF​

While IVF is a safe and widely successful treatment, we’re here to discuss any considerations with you, ensuring you feel informed and supported throughout. For more detailed information, the HFEA website offers comprehensive resources on all fertility treatments. 

Pausing Your IVF Treatment

Flexibility is a key feature of IVF, allowing for pauses during specific points that can accommodate your personal circumstances, with expert advice available to plan your treatment schedule. 

Incorporating Donated Sperm or Eggs in IVF​

Whether you need donated eggs or sperm, our team is committed to helping you find the right match, and assisting with the transportation process, supporting your entire journey to parenthood. 

Understanding the cost of IVF is essential, and our finance team is here to provide a detailed outline of your personalized treatment plan. For an overview of potential costs, our Pricing page is a helpful resource. 

After IVF

Following IVF, maintaining a balanced lifestyle and managing stress are key to supporting your body and mind. Depending on your specific situation, additional medication may be recommended to support the early stages of pregnancy. 

Embark on Your Journey with TFH

Embarking on your fertility journey with TFH is an exciting step towards “helping create little miracles.” 

By scheduling a chat with us today, you’ll uncover the many ways we can support your journey and introduce you to our wide range of services. 

Together, with confidence and care, we’ll navigate the path to bringing your dream family into reality, guided by our commitment to making little miracles happen.