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Treatment with Donor Sperm

Opening Doors to New Beginnings

Welcoming New Life with Donor Sperm

Treatment with donor sperm represents an opportunity to help aspiring to be parents bring even more families into being.

At TFH, we are associated with several HFEA compliant donor sperm banks both nationally and internationally; Xytex, ESB, LSB and Cryos.

Our supportive team will walk with you at every step, infusing your journey with warmth and positive anticipation.  

Embarking on IVF Treatment: Your Steps to Success



Your adventure towards parenthood begins with a detailed one-hour  consultationIt’s a time to discuss your hopes and medical background with your consultant, who will discuss the various treatment paths and respond to your queries with kindness and transparency.  


Choosing Your Donor

Navigating the choice of a donor is a journey we take together. Our experts are dedicated to assisting you in selecting the ideal donor, ensuring the donated sperm is suitable to be combined with your eggs, setting the stage for the miracle of life.

You can use either a ‘known’ donor who you have selected or an anonymous donor from our associated sperm banks. At TFH, we work closely with a diverse range of sperm banks within the UK, EU and the US. These include; 

  • London Sperm Bank 
  • European Sperm Bank 
  • Cryos 
  • Xytex  

 If you wish to browse these donor banks, you will see that you can filter the donors by their characteristics. All donors that are to be imported to the UK must be HFEA compliant and therefore please ensure that you include this within your donor search. 

 Our transport coordinator will organize for the transportation of the samples to the center to enable a seamless process in preparation for your treatment.  


Donor Sperm with Carrier Mutations

All donors will have had mandatory screenings which include Chlamydia, Syphilis, Hepatitis, GonorrhoeaHIV and some genetic disorder testing.

International sperm banks include a much wider array of genetic tests, highlighting, some donors who have a carrier mutation. This may create a little concern amongst patients and although you are able to use these donors, we recommend that we test for some additional tests for yourself to check that you are not a carrier for the same mutation.

We also have access to a genetics counsellor who can explain the risks and implications of such a condition.  


How Much Donor Sperm is Required?

We always advise that you select samples with a minimum of 20million motile sperm per sample. This can be referred as ‘MOT20’, ‘washed/IUI’ or ‘unwashed/ICI’ samples.

We would always recommend that you purchase at least two vials to avoid any potential issues with poor sperm parameters on the day of your treatment. 


Key Tests and Assessments

Our fertility consultant will recommend specific fertility investigations depending on your medical history and treatment type.

In order to check your egg reserve and fallopian tubes, this will include an ovarian reserve test and a 3D HyCosy test. There are many other tests that may be advised however these will be discussed if appropriate.  


Understanding the Journey with Counselling

Choosing IVF with donor sperm is an important decision. 

Our fertility counsellors are here to offer emotional support, helping you consider all aspects of this choice with empathy and depth. 


Agreeing on Your Treatment Plan

Before proceeding with any medication or treatments, we’ll discuss the treatment plan and its associated costs, ensuring clarity and confidence as you move forward.


Nurse Consultation

A specialized nurse will then guide you through the IVF treatment process, offering detailed instructions on medication and support for any questions that arise. 


The Heart of IVF: Embryo Transfer

Choosing the right embryo for transfer is vital in giving you the best chance of pregnancy. Your embryologist will ensure this critical step is conducted with utmost sensitivity, using our brand-new time-lapse incubator to enhance the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

Using a small, soft catheter, the selected embryo will be transferred into the womb under ultrasound guidance using our special hyaluronan enriched transfer medium known as Embryoglue.


Pregnancy Test​

Fourteen days after embryo transfer, a home pregnancy test will reveal the outcome of your IVF journey.

Regardless of the result, our compassionate team stands ready to guide and support you in the steps that follow. 

Getting to Know More About IVF, IUI with Donor Sperm

Preparing for IVF

Preparation is key to a smooth IVF process. Our team will guide you through necessary medications and lifestyle adjustments to enhance your readiness for IVF with donor sperm. 

Within our holistic package this can include complimentary sessions with a fertility nutritionist for dietary assistance, a reflexologist to alleviate some of the stresses involved in daily life and appointments with our counsellor to discuss potential fertility concerns.

What's the duration of the IVF with Donor Sperm journey?

An IVF cycle typically spans six weeks, tailored to your personal journey. Finding the right donor, especially if choosing an anonymous one, may extend this timeline, but each step is a stride towards your dream. 

We recommend that your sperm is ordered around four weeks prior to starting your treatment cycle to ensure that there are no treatment delays and for samples to be ready in our storage tanks before you start taking any fertility medication.  

Who Can Benefit from IVF with Donor Sperm?

Donor sperm offers a pathway to parenthood for single women and same-sex couples. Additionally, those couples who are facing challenges with sperm quality or have genetic concerns can also benefit from using donor sperm. 

How safe is IVF with Donor Sperm?

IVF with donor sperm adheres to the same stringent safety protocols as all IVF treatments, backed by our skilled team’s support, therefore it is as safe as IVF using your own sperm. For detailed insights on IVF risks, the HFEA website is a valuable resource. 

Understanding the cost of IVF is essential, and our finance team is here to provide a detailed outline of your personalized treatment plan.  We don’t charge for organising the import of donor sperm into our centre and the storage fee will only begin if the samples have not been used within 6 months. 
For an overview of potential costs, our Pricing page is a helpful resource. 

Embrace Your IVF Journey Today

If you’re ready to start your fertility journey or simply curious to learn more, book a consultation with one of our specialists at TFH.

Our experts are eager to support you on your path to parenthood, offering personalized advice and deep understanding.

Together, let’s bring your dream of family to life.