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Building Families Through Donor Eggs

Every families journey is distinct and precious. 

IVF using donor eggs brings endless opportunities for countless aspiring parents. At TFH, we’re delighted to provide a special route that quickly and smoothly connects you with the incredible possibility of donor eggs. Guided by our empathetic team, we promise a journey bursting with optimism and joy. 

The Steps of IVF Using Donor Eggs



Your adventure towards parenthood begins with a detailed consultation with one of our fertility specialists. It’s a time to share your hopes and medical background with your consultant, who will illuminate the various treatment paths and respond to your queries with kindness and transparency. 


Discovering Your Donor​

Finding the right donor is a journey we navigate together. Our dedicated team at TFH are here to assist, whether you’re looking towards a known or anonymous donor, ensuring the eggs are ready for your IVF journey to bring new life. 


Key Tests and Assessments​

Customizing this journey to fit your needs, we recommend specific tests and evaluations. From ovarian reserve assessments to semen analysis, our goal is to consider every avenue of your health for the ultimate outcome. 


Understanding the Journey with Counselling​

Stepping into IVF with donor eggs is a significant decision and therefore counselling is a mandatory part of the process.

Our fertility counsellors are at your side to offer emotional support, helping you understand and embrace this choice with confidence and peace. 


Follow-Up Consultation​

Once we gather all insights from your tests, a follow-up consultation will help tailor a bespoke treatment plan, marking the next steps on your journey. 


Agreeing on Your Treatment Plan​

Before proceeding any further, we’ll discuss and agree a treatment plan and its associated costs, ensuring clarity and confidence as you move forward.


Nurse Consultation​

A specialized nurse will then guide you through the IVF treatment process, offering more detailed instructions on medication and support for any questions that may arise. 


Pregnancy Test

Approximately 14 days (about 2 weeks) after your embryo transfer you will need to take an at home pregnancy test. This will confirm the results of your treatment. 

Regardless of the result, our compassionate team stands ready to guide and support you in the steps that follow.

Getting to Know More About IVF with Donor Eggs

Preparing for IVF

Preparation for IVF involves both medical and lifestyle considerations, all aimed at maximizing your success. From medication to healthy living advice, our team supports you in every way possible, ensuring you’re ready for the journey ahead. 

What's the duration of the IVF with Donor Eggs journey?

An IVF cycle is generally around six weeks, personalized to your needs. The timeline might slightly extend with donor eggs, particularly with anonymous donations, yet this patience paves the way to fulfilling your parenthood dreams. 

How safe is IVF with Donor Eggs

Indeed, IVF with donor eggs adheres to the same stringent safety protocols as all IVF treatments, backed by our skilled team’s support. For detailed insights on IVF safety, the HFEA website is a valuable resource. 

Who is IVF with Donor Eggs for?

This path shines as a hopeful option for individuals and couples who face challenges using their own eggs, opening the door to the joy of parenthood. 

There are many reasons why someone may need to use donated eggs for their treatment including genetic history that has impacted that person’s fertility, early menopause or advanced age. However, rest assured that regardless of the reason, the results are remarkable.

Pausing Your IVF Treatment​

Flexibility is a key feature of IVF, allowing for pauses at specific timepoints during your cycle that can accommodate your personal circumstances, with expert advice available to plan your treatment schedule. 

Understanding the cost of your fertility cycle is essential, and our finance team is here to provide a detailed outline of your personalized treatment plan. For an overview of potential costs, our Pricing page is a helpful resource. 

Given the additional requirement of donor eggs, the various options for egg banks and the types of pathways they offer will need to be considered.  

Start Your Journey with Confidence

If you’re  ready to discuss treatment option or just curious to learn more? Reach out to TFH for a consultation. Our specialists are eager to support you in discussing your parenthood dreams, offering understanding, empathy, and expertise every step of the way. Let’s embark on this extraordinary journey together.