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Dummy Embryo Transfer

Ensuring the Smooth Journey of Your Embryo

Dummy Embryos Transfer with the Fertility Home

What Exactly Is a Dummy Embryo Transfer

Think of a dummy embryo transfer as a practice run, designed to map out the smoothest path for your embryo’s journey from the laboratory into the womb. It’s our way of ensuring we can foresee and navigate any possible hurdles, safeguarding the precious embryo on its critical day of transfer.

If our team suggests a dummy embryo transfer, we’ll also guide you on the perfect timing within your IVF cycle. Typically, this procedure is recommended between the 6th to 13th day of your menstrual cycle. Our caring nurses will provide you with all the information and support you need to prepare.

The Benefits of a Dummy Embryo Transfer

The insights gained from your dummy embryo transfer are invaluable as it enables us to perform the embryo transfer on the day treatment without any unexpected difficulties. They enable us to tailor the actual embryo transfer to your unique path, ensuring the embryo’s safe and effective implantation. 

For some, this might mean a little extra help, such as cervical dilation, to pave a clear path for the embryo, enhancing the chances of a successful pregnancy. Rest assured, the procedure carries minimal risk, with a very slight chance of infection, similar to the actual embryo transfer.

How Does the Dummy Embryo Transfer Work?


How Does the Dummy Embryo Transfer Work?​

Opting for a dummy embryo transfer as part of your IVF journey means your consultant will meticulously measure the distance from your cervix to the ideal spot for the embryo to nestle in. This rehearsal allows us to identify and plan for any potential obstacles that could arise during the actual transfer.


When to Consider a Semen Analysis

Typically, a semen analysis is one of the initial recommendations for anyone exploring their fertility options. At The Fertility Home, we provide comprehensive semen analysis as part of our male fertility assessments, giving you a detailed overview of your fertility status. 


Preparing for Your Analysis

For the most accurate results, it’s advised to refrain from ejaculation for three to five days prior to submitting your sample. This preparation ensures the quality and viability of the sperm are at their best for analysis. 


Receiving your results

Quickly after the test, usually within 24 hours, your consultant will have the results ready. This swift turnaround allows you to move forward with your consultant, discussing what the findings mean for your fertility journey and exploring potential next steps. 


Understanding your results

Should your semen analysis reveal concerns such as a low sperm count or issues with sperm movement or shape, further assessments or specific fertility treatments might be suggested. These could include options like IVF or IVF with IMSI, tailored to address your unique fertility needs. 

Embrace Your Journey Today

Embarking on your fertility journey with a semen analysis is a positive step towards realizing your dream of starting or growing your family. 

At TFH, we’re committed to providing you with the insights and care needed to navigate this path with confidence and clarity.